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Friday late availability

07 December 2018

Unexpectedly free today.

I am available after 4pm today. I am rarely free at short notice, but due to a change of plans I am available. So, if you also find yourself unexpectedly free too and would like to see me please email me or give me a call.

Time to hit the gym every day!

03 December 2018

****YES, I have declared I will hit those weights!

Due to meals out and just being too busy to undertake my usual exercise routine I have to now work at 3 weeks intensive training before Xmas. I really dislike having to do this, but needs must.Re sized pearls and bottle

Sexy Lipstick mmmm very kissable

27 November 2018

DOIR luxury luscious red lipstick

Today as it was cold and pouring with rain I went to Harvey Nicks to check out this seasons most gorgeous make up colours. I bought some very sexy Doir lipsticks in 2 deep classic reds which will compliment my red lingerie and make my lips glow.

Winter is here!

19 November 2018

My fur coat came in very handy today!

It was very cold walking down Park Street today in Bristol today, as the wind chill caught me by surprise. But luckily I was snuggled up in my fur coat and long black high heel boots. Needed because I was only wearing very fine stockings, (oh, and a silky dress). But waiting for me was a wonderful lunch in a cosy warm bar, and we certainly kept each other warm.

Seamed stockings?

10 November 2018

The nights have become dark and cold, but I am warm under my fur throw. I have been ordering new stockings todays and will have some lovely french stockings with seams in a few days. But I will need someone to make sure my seams are straight. If you have this skill, then perhaps you might be able to oblige.

A spy at my window

07 November 2018

The other morning I was getting dressed for a lucheon date. Putting on my finest silk stockings, black lacy bra and gorgeous little black satin French basque, when I went into the sitting room (on the thrid floor) to open the curtains. And what did I see facing me? A hard hatted man in a cherry picker right outside the balcony.

Types of stockings

07 November 2018

So many types and styles of stockings, how can a girl choose There are some wonderful stocking web sites out there

Champaign Fun

07 November 2018

Last night I was treated to some lovely vintage Champaign and a lovely box of posh chocolates by a very nervous man.

You see what happened was that I asked to see him in my hotel room, because there had been a complaint made to HR at his financial services company. The chairman asked me to “sort him out”. Well, how could I say no? And, as I was in town, I thought it best to ask him away from the office to speak to him in my hotel room.

Hidden photos on my site

02 November 2018

If you leave the screen lock off on your smart device/phone you will discover hidden glamour photos of Charlotte when you turn your device to landscape. Cool hey?


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