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Charlotte Eaton
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Champaign Fun

Champaign Fun

You see what happened was that I asked to see him in my hotel room, because there had been a complaint made to HR at his financial services company. The chairman asked me to “sort him out”. Well, how could I say no? And, as I was in town, I thought it best to ask him away from the office to my hotel room.

This adorable man had no idea why he had to see me, and seem to take it as a compliment, hence the gifts as he considered our meeting a date. I have no idea why. Apparently he had often watched me sweep into the office wearing my high heels and has also wondered if I was wearing stockings, or indeed, any panties. I was quite taken aback.

Champaign Fun

After we discussed the real reason he summons to visit me (which was about using the company phone to run up a huge phone bill calling sex lines! Can you believe it, how stupid? Yes totally stupid I told him. He was very sorry and begged to keep his job and asked what he might be able to do to make amends. Well, I cannot disclose what happen next, but needless to say he kept his job. What’s more I am going to reckoned him for promotion.


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